Birthday Year Ahead

Your birthday year is a special start to a whole new phase of your life. You'll want to know the ins and outs of what to expect. Take time out to find out what to look forward to, what challenges and obstacles to avoid, and how to navigate your life. You'll have a better birthday knowing this new cycle has something great to offer. 


Computer Generated Reading $15 Psychic Tarot Reading $40

Your Express Tarot reading focuses on several keywords that help you gain insight on your goals and hopes for the future, and gives you insight on romance, career and money, including what to expect for your upcoming birthday year ahead. Here is a sample page from this reading. Customize your reading further, by adding more keywords during checkout.




Your Psychic Tarot reading is more suited to answer your direct questions about your specific goals and where you are in relation to accomplishing them. This reading will clarify every aspect of your concerns from your given comments during checkout. Here is a sample page with the psychic response.




Sample images from Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Click the image to learn more about this deck.