Path of Desires

With strong desires comes great responsibilities. Knowing the path and direction you must take to reach your goals is crucial to success. With this spread, you'll gain knowledge of where you're headed, and if the direction taken will lead you to your desired destination. More progress can be made if you choose the correct pathway. 


Computer Generated Reading $18 Psychic Tarot Reading $50

Your Express Tarot reading focuses on several keywords that help you find out what you can do to speed things along, or if you're headed in the right direction. Here is a sample page from this reading. Customize your reading further, by adding more keywords during checkout.







Your Psychic Tarot reading is more suited to answer your direct questions about what you need to be doing to find happiness and attain the destiny you seek. This reading will clarify every aspect of your concerns from your given comments during checkout. Here is a sample page with the psychic response.






Sample images from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. Click the image to learn more about this deck.