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Magic Mirror Psychic Edition

Magic Mirror Psychic Edition
Product Code: Psychic Gypsy 84
Price: $60.00

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The mirror is a reflection of the soul. This spread helps to examine the self, and gives you insight on where you are in life. If you're looking for greater awareness about yourself, and your feelings, use this spread to look closer at your current direction. The focus is on personal decisions, feelings, and inner conflict. 


Reading Type: Psychic Tarot
Number of Cards: 12 
Number of Pages: 14+
Delivered: PDF via email within 1 - 3 days (depending on que)


  1. You: Who you are
  2. Your Thoughts: Your reflections at this time
  3. Your Conflicts: Your inner conflicts 
  4. Your Understanding: What you've come to understand
  5. Your Strengths: What strengths are helping you
  6. Your Goal: What you are trying to accomplish
  7. Guidance: What the cards advise you to do
  8. Support: Where you will find support
  9. Fears: What fears you will confront
  10. Your Position: Where you stand now
  11. Your Path: Where you are headed
  12. Results: This is how it will work out

About Our Readings:

Express Tarot reading cards are hand pulled by our psychic tarot expert. Afterwards, a report is quickly computer generated, and sent to your email within a matter of minutes. Psychic Tarot reading cards are hand pulled by our psychic tarot expert. Afterwards, your reading is set up for meditation, and your questions answered by our psychic. The reading is delivered between 1 and 3 days.